Unapologetic, liberating with a touch of humour, «Go Solo» is an empowering summer dancehall-inflected pop anthem for women to call out the bullshit and find the strength to move on quickly after being cheated on. The lyrics stand by the idea that we are better off solo (single) than stay in a relationship where we are being lied to. 


I’ve been in relationships where the other person would lie straight to my face to get what they want from me. That’s a shitty situation to be in. I got attached to the person and then discovered he lied about being exclusive. It’s upsetting. Once that trust is broken I’m gone! I leave with a smile, re-adjust the crown on my head and run myself a nice warm bath Cleopatra style reminding every cell in body they deserve nothing else but the best. That’s how I want everyone to feel like when they listen to the song. I want them to wear it!

The project “Runs In Mi Blood” is nothing like Odreii has ever put together before. It's a piece of her soul, and reflects her current state of mind. The EP will make you dance, will make you feel her passion, take you on a sunny island, or lure you in the dept of the jungle.

I wrote those songs to make myself or my friends feel better when things are falling apart and when we felt like we were on our own. It can be tough sometimes, and music really does the trick.  And since Spanish has been a huge part of my upbringing, I had to include it in my creative process along with some Caribbean vibes to feel the EP was representing me as an artist.


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