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Back Alley in Rosemont

Yesterday in one of Rosemont's back alleys in Montrea, Canada, 📍PRODUCTION UP organized a late afternoon show called : "Dans une ruelle près de chez vous!"

They drew big circles on the floor with coloured chalk for families to stand in, separated by 2 meter arrows so everyone present could easily respect distances.

Odreii played her previous EP and her latest single "GO SOLO" with her guitar, for the audience in the alley, and the neighbours watching from their balcony.

Thank you for joining in, if you were present! If you've misses the show, follow Production Up for upcoming pop up family shows around Montreal.

Hope we brought some positive vibes and colours in this difficult time. 💛🌼 Big love

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Photographer: Angel Carpio

Photographer: Angel Carpio

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