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Fifth single of 2021


Montreal-based R&B/Soul artist Odreii just released her new single “Adios Bye Bye ” a quirky feel good tune about valuing people’s time.

The song produced by Pako blends tango latin and Caribbean rhythms creating an infectious genre-bending reggaeton. Once more Odreii’s songwriting did not disappoint with this energetic summer tune injected with catchy Spanish phrases that will surely get crowds dancing and singing along.

“ I wrote this song when I finally decided to be vocal about how valuable my time was. I don't like waiting around and not knowing if the person will show up or not. Instead of waiting, I could be resting, resourcing myself, making money, being with my family, cleaning the house, working on building my career, but instead I took the time out of my life to spend it with you. Don’t be surprised if I cut you off when you show up stupid late AND give a bogus excuse or worse, you pretend it’s not a big deal, or even worse you DON’T show up and ghost me for a week with zero explanation trying to play it down, hahahaha you MAD? ” – Odreii

ADIOS BYE BYE is available on all platforms on August 13:

Be sure to followOdreii to catch the next releases from her upcoming album.

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