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GO SOLO - Out Now

GO SOLO by DJ Kleancut & Odreii is now available on all streaming platforms

Watch the Music Video on YouTube 👈🏽 Something special at the end of the video 🎬

Massive Thank you to everyone who made this video possible and big thanks to everyone who showed up at Ti-Agrikol to shoot the last scene

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A production of Productions UP

Directed by Véa

Producers: Elodie Lorrain-Martin, Maude Lafrance

Director of Photography: Samuel Olaechea

Editing: Elodie Lorrain-Martin

Color grading: Samuel Olaechea

Choreographer: Axelle Munezero

Dancers: Axelle Munezero, Solene Fillion, Krystina Dejean, Maria Marsli (Asymmetry creations) With the participation of: Lakesshia

Stylist: Nandya Pinto (Raffiné)

Designers: Caroline Savoie Joallerie, Balenciaga (Holt Renfrew)

Makeup artist: Maude Lafrance

Makeup Assistant: Sara Deslauriers

Hair stylist: Mélissa Bazo

Assistant Camera and gaffer: Phet Pathammavong

Set photographer: Amandine Serylo, Adrian Kurbegovic

Set videographer: Jose Morales

Locations: Académie Compétences Beauté, Hôtel St-James, Ti-Agrikol, Unique Stays, KWK Studio Craft: Josée Lorrain


Go Solo - DJ Kleancut & Odreii

Produced by Soke, DJ Kleancut

Written by Audrey Laurencelle, Jonathan Ruest, Zacharie Raymond

MBMC Music

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