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Hot Like Brazil with 4Korners

Odreii jumps on a new collaboration called Hot Like Brazil which is one of the 9 tracks on the Toronto Raptors official DJ's new project called 4KORNERS of the World.

Toronto Raptors official DJ and producer 4KORNERS shares his wonders of the world for listeners everywhere with his highly anticipated debut full-length album 4KORNERS of the World. By showcasing astonishing Canadian and international talent, this nine-track album takes us through a musical journey from various guest features of notable cultural backgrounds while showcasing a diverse range of sounds, such as Afrobeats, Brazilian funk, UK drill, Amapiano, and much more.

Hot Like Brazil is a beautifully written Dancehall tune co-produced with Pako, that incorporates elegant flute and drum sounds. Montreal-based singer-songwriter Odreii carried the song with her nonchalant vocals and her infusion of Dancehall with Brazilian funk.

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