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M pour Montreal

November 16th 2022 Odreii was part of M pour Montreal festival's official selection accompanied by the band Eklektik.

M for Montreal Pointed the Way Forward for the City's Local Scene

With Zach Zoya, Magi Merlin, Emma Beko, Witch Prophet, Lary Kidd, SLM, Clay and Friends, Nicholas Craven, Odreii

... R&B artist Odreii made everyone feel at home and, backed by the sonically tight EKG band, she took the stage by storm. Odreii made the most of her 20-minute showcase by displaying her sumptuous, multi-lingual vocals and acute chemistry with her band. With a globally-influenced style that's hard to pin down, Odreii utilized her versatility and tour-honed crowd control chops. Memorable hooks and catchy melodies make it unlikely anyone left the venue without a tune or two stuck in their minds. - By Antoine-Samuel Mauffette Alavo Published Nov 23, 2022

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