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New Music Alert : A GAME feat. Aiza

Odreii, and Aiza join forces on “A-Game” a sassy upbeat and unapologetic anthem perfect for the dance floor. This is the 4th track released this year produced by Pako which is also expected to appear on Odreii’s forthcoming album “Sweatin’ Gold”. This new track which blends several cultural sounds crossing the bridge between Pop, Dancehall and Mombathon will bring heat to any room, and connect with many who work hard to achieve their life goals.

A-GAME will be available on July 9, on all platforms . Be sure to follow Odreii to catch the next releases from her upcoming album.

“ A few years ago someone asked me what my skills were. And I was proud to show what I had accomplished: I play guitar, I can sing in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and I write and compose music. I was then told to say less cause it was intimidating to others in the room. I was shocked! Are they asking me to actually hide myself? Pretend I am not proud of the years of sweat and sleepless nights I went through to get to this level? Seems unreal, but in some cities showing off is frowned upon. You are less likable when you hold your trophies up high, which I totally disagree with. You accomplished something? Then go sis! Flaunt it, show it off, be proud, celebrate and inspire others! That’s what I was thinking about when I wrote A-GAME. The audacity of that person telling me to shine a little less hahahaha. Get yourself some shades. “ - Odreii

A-GAME is the perfect anthem for all the badass & focused babes out there. We’ve been way too busy glowin’ up to worry about the haters. This is our time! Bump this track and go f*ck the summer up! When Odreii asked me if I was willing to hop on a song with her, I said yes before I even heard it. She’s such an amazing artist, I just knew it was going to be a BOP! I really wanted my verse to showcase how confident I've been feeling lately and I’m so proud of the way it turned out. “A-Game” is a fun & empowering track and I think it represents us well: two boss queens, self-assured and ready to take over the world… the only way is up! - Aiza


Born and raised in Montreal to Burundian parents, Toronto-based singer and songwriter Aiza is a pop icon in the making. She sings in both English and French, and her music is a seamless blend of R&B and Afro-Pop. Aiza’s songs have been placed on numerous TV series including Netflix’s Tuca & Bertie, CBC's Kim's Convenience and VH1’s To Catch a Beautician. Alongside her music career, Aiza is a seasoned actor. She plays the role of superhero Sierra Ectoplex alongside Josh Duhamel in Netflix’s original series Jupiter’s Legacy, she portrays Maya Bronté in the CBC hit sitcom Workin’ Moms, and recently joined the cast of CW’s In the Dark. In 2019, Aiza was declared winner of the prestigious Allan Slaight JUNO Master class and named “Francophone Artist of the Year” at the 3rd annual Dynasty Gala Awards due to the critical success of her debut EP “Adieu.” The year was capped off with a December tour in Brazil, opening for popular Brazilian acts Luedji Luna and Far From Alaska.


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