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Odreii drops HEAT

If you're looking for a song to get you dancing, Odreii is back with a pulsating new single: "HEAT". Taken from the Jamaican-Canadian singer-songwriter's upcoming album “Sweatin’ Gold” the song combines African rhythms, an earthy bass and cinematic elements, creating a sonic delight that not only makes it hard to sit still when listening to but allows your mind to travel.

Created by Moroccan-Canadian producer Pakø, the aim was to design a mystical ambience that

supported Odreii’s story delivered through her percussive lyrics and melodic flow.

“I’m really excited about this song because it really came from a deep place and blends all of my favorite sounds. I wanted to express how it feels to be underestimated when you know you are strong enough to handle being in hot water. Martial arts taught me that when the world is challenging you, breathe. This way you keep your clarity of mind and your inner strength intact like an armour, ready to face what’s next. As Lao Tzu says, “The best fighter is never angry”. - Odreii

Coming in at just under three minutes you'll wish the "HEAT" never ended. Be sure to follow Odreii to catch the next releases from her upcoming album.


Watch the video & Subscribe to -> Odreii's Youtube channel


MBMC Music production

Produced by Productions UP

Directed by Tropical Koala

Producers: Elodie Lorrain-Martin, Maude Lafrance

Director of Photography: Samuel Olaechea Editing: Youssef Mamouni, Elodie Lorrain-Martin Color grading: Philippe-Louis Martin

Makeup artist: Maude Lafrance

Hair: Virginie ‘Gina’ Bergeron

Assistant stylist: Racky Sow

Assistant Camera and gaffer: Wilhends Norvil

Set photographer/videographer: Théo Gagné Craft: Josée Lorrain

Runner: Alain Patry


Produced by Pako

Written by Audrey Laurencelle,

Composed by Youssef Mamouni, Abdelmoutalib Darhbar, Lionel Fabert, Gregory Loval Rosa, Audrey Laurencelle

Mix: Ghislain Brind'Amour

Mastering: Richard Addison Music Label: MBMC Music, Tropical Koala Distributor: The Orchard / Sony Music Canada

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