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Odreii @ Le Phoque OFF Music Festival

Catch Odreii's performance this Feb 25th 8PM at the 2022 Metaverse edition of the Festival Le Phoque OFF

Le Phoque OFF Music Festival to Take Place in the ΝΟWHERE Metaverse! FEB 21–25, 2022

Through showcases pre-recorded live on stage, music lovers will discover the hidden gems of the French-Canadian alternative music scenes. Full programming and tickets:

Ticket link:

Le Phoque OFF, Quebec City's premier alt music festival reinvents itself in groundbreaking fashion amid local venues closures during pandemic, to present a cutting-edge virtual event for its 8th edition. From February 21–25, festival-goers will have the opportunity to run (virtually) from one immersive world to another in the NOWHERE metaverse, to attend a series of unforgettable performances.

Audiences will enjoy a unique shared festival experience and interact while exploring 3D worlds with the full live show atmosphere and a number of surprises. Thanks to the creative technology of Brooklyn-based innovators of NOWHERE platform, Le Phoque OFF will be one of the first music festivals to take place in the metaverse, accessible to everyone around the world.

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