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Odreii on HYPEBEAST Music

As part of MGD’s Behind the Creative initiative, which celebrates the hustlers who provide us with exceptional music experiences, Canadian musical artist ODREII and Montreal-based rapper LARY KIDD share how they build a song.

" I end up being more authentic with my lyrics when I record myself instead writing ideas down. Makes wicked lyrics and helps me avoid censoring and selecting thoughts based on what the audience might prefer. Keeps it real." - Odreii

Odreii and Lary Kidd both provide a behind-the-scenes look at their intimate writing processes, from ideation to execution, providing tips for aspiring musicians along the way.

During Odreii's interview, True Colors , a song from her first EP produced by talented Montreal producer Pakø, was playing in the background. This, along with Pakø's appearance and Odreii's short acoustic performance, gives us a clue as to what this Canadian artist is releasing next.

" Big love to MGD and HYPEBEAST! So grateful to be part of this series where I got to share the basis of my lyrical writing process and how Montreal nightlife inspires us as Canadian artists." - Odreii

Watch the entire video on HYPEBEAST Music's IGTV : HERE

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